My Life As Ali Thomas

Thailand’s pioneering English-language indie folk rock band known for their emotional & symbolic storytelling.

In 2019, they became the first Thai act to showcase at SXSW, performing 6 times in 4 days to critical acclaim.

In the region, they are mainstays at festivals, often open for visiting international bands, and have played in Taiwan and Singapore.

2021 will see the release of their long-awaited 2nd album, 4 years after the release of their debut ’Paper’.



My Life as Ali Thomas didn’t have a beginning, though it took up to early 2013 for ‘Pie’ Kanyapak Wuttara to fully realize it was always there. The true meaning of Ali Thomas lies in Greek roots, which translates to ‘another twin’. This is the name she gave to the songstress in isolation, which she felt was in true contrast to her waking life.


When the songs she created in her bedroom became concrete, so did Ali Thomas. Her acoustic guitar and soulful voice resonates a longing for creative realization and old lovers, and bleeds a refreshing emotional honesty.


In 2014, Pie joined with guitarist ‘Rack’ Wipata Lertpanya and drummer ‘Taw’ Wannaphong Jangbumrung. This is when My Life as Ali Thomas took shape, combining a unique ambient Brit rock style with Pie’s distinctive folk sensibilities. What emerged was a unique and experimental sound.


They began distributing their work with Warner Music Thailand in October 2015, and were signed to the label in August of 2016 and released their debut album ‘Paper’, which helped establish the band as a favorite in local and regional festivals and earned them an invitation as the first Thai artist to showcase at SXSW in 2019.


My Life as Ali Thomas returned from SXSW inspired and new ideas started to come to life, ideas which would eventually become the stories told on their upcoming album ‘Peppermint Town’. COVID presented the perfect opportunity for all 3 members to get together, and they spent 6 weeks in studio with producer Shane Edwards recording the album. 2 tracks, ‘Dear all the Universe’ and ‘Baby, I Love You’, have already been released, and the 3rd single RINN will be released January 29, 2021.

The full album is scheduled to be released mid 2021.




First single– ‘Daughter and Son’, October 2015

Second single– ‘Winter’s Love’, January 2016

Third single– ‘Cordelia’, August 2016

First studio album– ‘Paper’, September 2016

Fourth Single– ‘Lover to Lover’, November 2016

Fifth Single- ‘Kiss’, April 2017

Sixth Single – ‘Daydreaming’, November 2018

Seventh Single – ‘Goodbye, Baby’, March 2019

Eight Single – ‘Real’, March 2020 (commissioned by local fashion brand CPS Chaps)


Announcement of Second Full Album ‘Peppermint Town’, August 2020

Debut single – ‘Dear all the Universe’, September 2020

Second release – ‘Baby, I Love You’, November 2020

Third release – ‘Rinn’, January 2021




Extensive coverage in the UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, and Europe


The title Rinn has no story, no meaning.

It is something we made up inspired by the song.

We were asked once why call it something that has no meaning, that isn’t even a word. That’s kind of the point. There are so many restrictions, many of which we create for ourselves, that at times it seems absurd.

Rinn is a challenge to these restrictions, an anthem encouraging you to set your mind free so that you can truly meet yourself.


Cover Art by artist named Wuttikorn (Ong) Akkarattanasompop


Some behind the scenes shots: